Monday, May 3, 2010

First day of Intern

Today is a day worth blogging about.....My First day in the corporate world....

Today was the day that I truly appreciated big buildings which house huge offices .All along I thought that they were an unnecessary luxury using a lot of electricity and causing a lot of pollution.But today I found out their purpose they are certainly required to accommodate the top notch work that happens in them.The other appreciable fact is that they are certainly majestic especially when you see a dozen of them different in architecture ,yet all elegant,at the same place.

I will not bore you with all the intricate technical details.In this post I would only comment on the work style.How many of you would dream of working in an office but still would like to enjoy the freedom and comfort of home, well good luck guys coz my dream has come true today.The flexibility of work hours is an important point ,but the highlight is the fact that there is no log on the working hours which is every employees dream.

Free Good Food is also an important part of feeling at home.Atleast for me the comfort of good food being served makes me feel better especially after going through months of eating the food I cook.The icing on the cake I should say is the fact that there is a cold coffee vending machine at almost every corner in the office.

All said at the end of the day I will still have to do my best at work ,not only to do justice to all that I enjoy but to also for self satisfaction.

One last word to all the guys who shy away from big companies,Dont have preconceived notions without even experiencing life at a big corporate company first hand.

Gud Night.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why should I carry my phone around

I dont know if there exists a phobia.But I'm pretty sure that if it does I would be the first victim to be diagonised.In the modern age .Such a question should never arise.But I shall explain to you the reasons for which I dread my cellphone.

I feel it is kind of lame to talk to a gadget . Imagine how would people of the yester century respond to a person who talks to a box.

I fear that the battery of my phone could explode any day and cause irreversible damage to my skin.

I fear that the phone emits EM Waves that will damage my heart.

The probability of bad news being said on lifting the phone is 50%.

I fear that there is a secret agency that monitors our lives with the help of the gadget.

Plainly speaking I hate to carry my phone around.But lemme see if things change if i change my phone to a iphone which is not possible even speaking hypothetically given my current financial situvation....

Things To do in a boring class

Hi fellas , is there a prof blindly scribbling away monstrous equations or a queer one reading things straight of a lame text book, or a sage explaining stuff that just does not even enter your ears....Then what do you do.....Here are some suggestions

Just Listen and nod your head periodically so that the prof does not get dissapointed
Put your head down and sleep
Scratch the desk surface in an attempt to draw
Write your name in many fonts on the book
Fantasize...... U know to complete the sentence

So whats your favorite ....

Killing time during Power Cuts

Power cuts are not only a cause of physical irritation during summer but are also mental bummers.They take away life from our modern toys of the digital era rendering them useless and stopping them from being our recreation slaves.
So where does modern Human of the computer age turn to .Yes the resounding answer is our old friends that lay waste in our cupboards and bags-Books.One has to turn to these for recreation or relaxation.Though inanimate books can provide us great company in such times of despair.
Oops there will be a power cut shortly and I am out of Novels.Have to hurry to my friends room to hunt books.

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya

Gowtham Vasudev Menon has proved himself to be a competent director yet again.But this time around its a Romantic Flick.With strong performances from "Little Superstar " Simbu and gorgeous Thrisha.The film potrays a realistic love story that has a very good Ending.Not to Forget the heavenly music of A R Rahman ,which has once again captured every body's hearts .This film is touted to be a sure shot Box office hit.I like the dialogues a lot.They are very realistic and potray feelings very vividly.
I cant stop myself from watching the film over and over again.I am sure you would like it too.

Welcome To The Daily Glob

You must be wondering ....what a weird name for a blog.... Hm if not you, then at least I do... .Actually I was out of names .I started out with the Daily Planet (You know the inspiration behind the name).Played around a little bit.My relatively small knowledge of Permutations and Combinations failed me once again .So I went back to my roots and suddenly out of thin air flashed a word-"Glob" ,which elusively seems like the reverse of blog but isn't.Though it kind of sounded strange ,It has a meaning atleast.If you dont know what glob means Don't worry.My Blog will certainly shed some light on it....

Anyways as of today I am officially a BLOGGER...Yeah!...Hurray!...Thank You fellow Bloggers for kindly inviting me into your fold.